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Terms of service

Terms of Service

Thank you for selecting Spring Cleaners to be your family’s dry cleaner. By dropping off clothes & us creating an account and using the services provided by S Springs, LLC dba Spring Cleaners, you accept the terms and conditions set forth below. Please review these terms prior to using any of our services. These terms and conditions are subject to change. We value the opportunity to provide service to you and your family exceptional services!

Speed of Service

Spring Cleaners proudly offers Same Day Service Monday through Friday, at the Lampasas location. Monday through Friday, orders dropped off by 8:00am, will be ready by 5:00pm

For even faster service, sign up for our FREE order ready alerts (Text, Email, or App Notifications).

Household items such as blankets, comforters, and bedspreads may take up to Five business days to process. Wedding gowns and other preservation items can take up to two weeks to process.

When you drop off an order at Spring Cleaners, it will be processed as follows:

  • Order received from customer: drive-thru, or in store drop off
  • Order inspected and entered into our computer system
  • Pockets checked for personal items and verified to be empty
  • Stains, damage or other issues are identified
  • Permanent barcode installed or tagged with temporary barcode
  • Tagged for special handling instructions
  • Stain removal as needed
  • Order dry cleaned, wet washed or laundered
  • Finished: pressed/ironed
  • Final inspection/packaging
  • Stored and ready for pick up
  • Order returned to customer: drive-thru, in store or delivery


Spring Cleaners will adhere a permanent barcode to your garments in an inconspicuous location. Our barcode technology helps us track your item throughout the cleaning process. It also helps ensure consistent billing and special handling requests on every visit.

Some items cannot accommodate a permanent barcode and will be tagged with a temporary barcode. As a result, we will not have a trackable history for those items.

Care Label

In order to protect your garments, Spring Cleaners follows the Care Label instructions on each item we process.

If one of our garment care specialists determines your item needs to be cleaned by a method contradictory to its care label, then we will advise you of any potential risks. If you authorize Spring Cleaners to proceed, then Spring Cleaners will not be liable for any damage.

If you request a cleaning process that contradicts the garments Care Label, Spring Cleaners will advise you of any potential risks. If you authorize Spring Cleaners to proceed, then Spring Cleaners will not be liable for any damage.

Garments with missing or removed Care Labels will be evaluated by a garment care professional and cleaned with the utmost care. Spring Cleaners will advise you of the best cleaning method and any potential risks.

Spring Cleaners’ garment care specialists will handle your garments with the utmost care. Items will be cleaned using specific processes which, in our opinion, are best suited to the nature and conditions of each garment. Nevertheless, due to many variables, we cannot guarantee against color loss, color bleeding, shrinkage, damage to weak fabrics, or damage to ancillary items, trims and other embellishments. Cleaning

Dry cleaning is the process of cleaning textiles in a solvent based solution instead of water. Spring Cleaners uses EcoSolv, an environmentally conscious dry cleaning solvent. EcoSolv provides the perfect balance of delivering great cleaning results, without harming our environment.

Spring Cleaners’ Dry Cleaning Process is further enhanced by our commitment to solvent purity. Our solvent is continually purified through over filtration and distillation to remove all impurities. Additionally, we utilize the best detergent available, leaving your clothes clean and scent free.

Wet cleaning is the process of washing “dry clean only” items using procedures that prevent shrinkage, loss of color, and fabric distortion.

Our wet cleaning process is different. Spring Cleaners has developed and built special washers for this process. Additionally, we have worked directly with a chemist to develop a unique detergent and conditioner used to ensure the safe cleaning of these items. If your “dry clean only” item needs to be wet cleaned, you can depend on the experts at Spring Cleaners.

Spring Cleaners commercial laundry process involves washing and starching the item, then pressing it from wet to dry on specialized equipment. We utilize an enzyme detergent that is safe on colors and brightens whites. This product also eliminates the need to pretreat collars and cuffs, which helps prolong the shirt’s life. Our dual injection starch process gives your garments a smooth yet stiff finish.

  • Not every garment type can be cleaned using this method. This process is specifically designed for:
  • Men’s button down shirts (cotton, polyester, cotton/poly blend)
  • Women’s button down blouses (cotton, polyester, cotton/poly blend)
  • Denim or cotton jeans/pants


To prevent damage, items that have other fibers, including spandex should not be cleaned using this method. Items with snap buttons or other embellishments should not be cleaned using this method.

All starch is not created equal, that is why Spring Cleaners invested in our dual injection starch process. This results in a smooth, crisp finish. You will be able to see and feel the difference. Upon request, laundry items can receive the starch level of your preference. We offer no, light, medium, and heavy starch level options.

During the professional shirt laundry process, shirts are pressed from wet to dry on hot head presses under high pressure. From time to time, this causes buttons to crack and break. Spring Cleaners replaces broken and missing buttons on clothing we process free of charge. If we fail to replace a broken or missing button, please let us know and we will replace the button and reclean that item for free.

Our team makes every effort to replace buttons with an exact match. When a suitable replacement cannot be found or acquired, Spring Cleaners will replace all the buttons on the item with an agreed upon alternative.

Spring Cleaners team members inspect every garment several times during the cleaning process. However, we also ask for customers to inform us of any stains, including location and type, when dropping off an order. The odds of successful stain removal increase if our technicians know what caused the stain.

Please note, Spring Cleaners cannot guarantee the removal of all stains. Our experienced dry cleaning professionals use the best stain removing products and techniques on the market. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, some stains are permanent or cannot be completely removed. Permanent stains are often caused by the following:

  • Stains left on garments for a prolonged period of time,
  • Application of home stain removal remedies,
  • Chemical damage from spillage of alcoholic beverages, medications, perfumes, after shaves, hair dyes and perspiration.
  • Superglue, PVC glue, some inks and paint.

Spring Cleaners will treat problematic stains with great caution. However, some stains require a more aggressive approach with the potential of damage to the garment. Customer approval and a release of liability is required before Spring Cleaners attempts these advanced stain removal methods.

Spring Cleaners does not charge an additional fee for stain removal, as it is included in the cost of cleaning an item. Our experts successfully remove approximately 85% of all stains. However, because of the labor and expense involved to clean garments and treat stains, the cleaning fee is not waived when a stain cannot be completely removed.

Spring Cleaners reserves the right to change prices at any time and without notice. Spring Cleaners gladly accepts the following forms of payment; Cash, Credit Card, Gift Card, Spring Cleaners Charge Account, Check and Spring Cleaners – Automatic Billing. Returned checks are subject to a $25.00 service charge.

Customers are must pick up their entire order on the return visit. Fair Price Policy

Spring Cleaners prices are based solely upon our costs of doing business, the expertise, and the time it takes to complete the requested dry cleaning or laundry service. We try to charge the same price for garments of a similar type. Price determinations are not based upon:

  • The gender, race, color, religion, marital status, age, national origin, or sexual orientation of the person who owns or wears the garments
  • Whether any item appears to be a particular style characteristically worn by a male or female
  • Whether the garment buttons from the left or from the right
  • The shape, cut or style as reasonably related to the difference in body proportions between males and females
  • Whether or not the garment fits on a machine.

Our policy is based upon our costs, as well as providing the level and quality of services our customers expect. We attempt to inspect all items in order to insure accurate pricing before delivery. We regularly review and adjust prices as necessary.

Spring Cleaners appreciates your business, and we understand the importance of value in today’s marketplace.  Customers can use one coupon per visit, however, all order minimums must be met.

  • Coupons MUST be presented at time of pick-up.
  • We do not accept competitors’ coupons.
  • Only one customer account per coupon.
  • Printed coupons (Phonebook, Direct Mail, & Exc.) never expire. Digital coupons are subject to expiration and/or limitations.
  • Customers must present original coupons; copies of any kind are prohibited.
  • Coupons are not redeemable for cash.
  • Coupons cannot be combined with discount cards,
  • Coupons cannot be used on wedding dress services or preservation services (Special Wedding Dress Preservation coupon offered annually).

Digital/Web Coupons:

Web coupons are subject to limitations and expiration dates. Web coupons may also have a limited number of uses; see each offer for restrictions.

Personal Items

Please check all garments for money, jewelry, detachable buttons, cufflinks, belts or other valuables prior to bringing them to us. If we find any valuables in your garments, we will make every effort to safeguard and return them to you. However, we cannot be held liable for the loss of any found personal items.

At Spring Cleaners, we understand life can get hectic and you can easily forget about your dry cleaning. That’s why we give customers up to sixty (60) days to pick up their order. An order left unclaimed after sixty (60) days from the drop off date will be donated to a local charity. Our team will make every effort to contact a customer before removing items from the store. For this reason, it is important to keep your account information up to date. To protect the charities that receive donations, Spring Cleaners does not disclose their information.

Spring Cleaners does its utmost to care for your garments. Although we have an extremely low rate of garment issues, problems will arise from time to time. If you are not 100% satisfied with our services, or if any of your items are missing or damaged, please report the problem to the store manager promptly. If we encounter an issue of concern during the cleaning process, our team will contact you directly.

Spring Cleaners takes pride in providing excellent customer service by quickly resolving all customer service issues in a fair and timely manner. To resolve any type of customer service or garment issue, first report the problem to the store manager. Spring Cleaner’s store managers are responsible for correcting all customer service problems. They also have the authority to resolve any claim that may arise. However, if you are unable to resolve the issue with the store manager, customers are encouraged to contact the corporate office using this link or calling (866) 735-9725.

In the dry cleaning business garment problems and claims can be very tricky due to a variety of reasons. Customer service problems are resolved through the following process:

  • Report the problem to the store manager:
    • Quality Issues – See Return/Re-Cleaning Policy
    • Garment Damage – See Damage Policy
    • Missing Garment – See Garment Loss Policy
  • The store manager will open a Customer Service case and investigate the problem. Depending on the issue it may take up to five (5) days to solve a quality problem and up to two (2) weeks to resolve a claim.
  • Unresolved issues can be forwarded to the corporate office at any time.
  • When Spring Cleaners and the customer reach a mutually agreed upon resolution and the Customer Service case will be closed. If the resolution results in a claim, the check or gift card will be mailed from the corporate office within five (10) business days.

Return/Re-Cleaning Policy

Spring Cleaners inspects every garment before returning it to the customer to ensure it meets our strict quality requirements. We also encourage our customers to inspect their articles at the time of pick up. If you receive an item that we processed and you are not 100% satisfied, please let us know and we will happily re-process the item(s) free of charge. Item(s) should be returned to us within 30 days, not worn and in its Spring Cleaners packaging, if possible.

Spring Cleaners exercises great care in cleaning and pressing garments entrusted to us. Spring has invested in the best facilities and equipment available. Our staff has years of experience and extensive training. Damage to a garment can be incurred in many ways and is not always visible until after the item is cleaned.

Damage can occur in any of the following ways:

  • During the manufacturing process
  • Through normal wear
  • Improper storage
  • During the cleaning process

For these reasons and despite our best efforts, some garments will not withstand any normal cleaning processes. Garments can contain defects in materials which may result in tears or development of small holes in the fabric that are not readily apparent prior to processing. This type of damage is often a result of improper storage or normal wear and tear by the user. Spring Cleaners is not responsible for garments that incur damage as a result of age, normal wear and tear and improper storage.

Spring Cleaners cannot guarantee against color loss, color bleeding, shrinkage, or any other problem that results from improper manufacturing.

  • If the garment was cleaned according to the care label and it suffers damage during the normal cleaning process, the manufacturer is responsible for the damage and the item should be returned to the place of purchase.
  • If the garment suffers damage due to our negligence, the item will be repaired if possible, or we will follow our claims process.

Spring Cleaners’ garment care experts work extremely hard to ensure high quality dependable cleaning. However, we cannot eliminate all human error. The most common damage caused by cleaners includes; aggressive spotting techniques causing color loss or holes, failing to follow the care label or damage to fragile decorative elements. In the rare event that one of our team members damages your garment, Spring will accept responsibility and follow our claims process.

If it’s determined that Spring Cleaners damaged your item(s), Spring Cleaners will pay the Fair Market Value for the garment(s).

Spring Cleaners has invested in the latest barcode technology to minimize human error and greatly diminish the possibility of lost garments. However, there will be instances where items may get misplaced or lost. If this should occur, we ask that you advise us of any discrepancy within 30 Days of picking up your garments. When reporting a lost item please provide the type of garment, brand, color, description, size and the date of drop off. We will promptly investigate the matter.

If it’s determined your item(s) were lost in our care, Spring Cleaners will pay the Fair Market Value for the garment(s)

If you have a garment that is lost or damaged that results in a claim, Spring Cleaners will pay the Fair Market Value, not the full Replacement Value for the item. To determine the fair market value, Spring Cleaners utilizes information provided to us from the customer, information from our computer system, and other market factors.

The “Fair Claims Adjustment Guide” was developed by the American National Standards Institute and is used by Federal and State courts, insurance companies, dry cleaners and other textile related industries all over the world.  Most dry cleaners cap claims to ten (10) times the cleaning price. Spring Cleaners does not believe this is fair or honest, and therefore we do not use this standard.